Google working towards more fact checked content

Google has made an effort to bring more relevant and fact checked content into SERPs, through methods such as displaying fact checked labels in results pages. This makes user experiences more fruitful in receiving more relatable and accurate content, for their search queries. For this reason, content writers should be prepared to keep this in mind when developing content for the future.

In this article, we will explore the varying ways google has provided more fact checked content on their results pages, and the affect it has had on both users and websites.

Factcheck labels are a fairly new feature, introduced by google three years ago. They are used to show users if a particular piece of content has been checked for any inaccuracies, and thereby showing users more accurate and reliable content to read and learn from.

Fact checks are now appearing in Google search results around 11 million times per day, including global search results and Google news. This means that all fact checked content receives around 4 billion impressions over a year, when added together.

The fact checked feature is only possible due to Claim Review mark-up, allowing fact checkers to see whether the content put out is completely accurate or not.

This new mark up has been introduced so websites that have been fact checked are able to display a snippet. This allows for display of what the claim is, by whom the claim was made, and if the fact checkers have found this to be true or false.

Each of the fact checked claims are publicly available in the search tool, allowing complete access to a database containing over 40,000 fact checks, which will only continue to expand over the coming years.

Google has been working on more methods to support the long-term process of fact checking, and its sustainability through cooperating with fact checking sites such as Duke Reporters Lab and the international fact checking network.

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