New Google webmasters report finally released

Google announced in January that they were seeking testers for a new report in Google Webmaster Tools. The report was later named as the Search impact report. The testers eventually went on to start their testing duties in February to provide Google with feedback and bug testing. In April a new set of webmasters were given access. The report has been renamed to search analytics. It is thought to be replacing the Search Queries report and is generally felt that it is a decent upgrade with lots of new features to help you to better analyse and assess your website.
As testers have been sending their feedback, the report is constantly evolving based on the results and feedback submitted. All users should now have access as earlier in May Google announced the official rollout.
The Search impact (now search analytics) report is found under the search traffic section of Google webmaster tools. The report allows you to examine – average position, impressions, CTR (click through rate), clicks, using different dimensions such as type of device, country, date and search type. You can then combine several of these dimensions to compare in many different ways to get the results that you want.

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Users have generally reacted positively so far and found the report to be a great addition to webmaster tools and a great upgrade from what is currently on offer.