Google to Stop Displaying Emoji Symbols In desktop Search Results

Even though Google only just started displaying Emojis in desktop search results a few weeks ago, they have already decided to drop them again.

When emojis were first starting to display, many companies decided to start adding them to their title tags. These then started to filter through into the search results pages. One of the larger companies that was quick to get on board was Expedia, adding emojis to several of their lesser viewed pages. Unfortunately for them, the emojis will soon not be visible. Google have stated that there will not be penalties for companies which keep the icons in their page titles. But the emojis will simply no longer show. Google feel that overall, the introduction of emojis has resulted in less informative information and more smiley faces! Titles are looking to get too cluttered and messy. Google have seen this as not terribly helpful and have decided to revert. If too many pages go over the top with emojis, then your results pages will end up looking messy and unhelpful.

If you are sad to see the back of emojis in your search results, don’t worry, at least you can still see them in mobile search results. As this has been the case for many years it is unlikely to change any time soon.

Take a look at this you tube video from Google’s John Mueller for further details.