‘Google My Business’ considered the most valuable local marketing tool

It has recently been recognised that Google My Business optimisation is currently the most valuable local marketing service available to businesses. This information has been sourced by a recent survey, conducted through 475 local marketers. It takes a look at the different factors, such as services, business plans, practices and salaries which are offered by local marketers.

This survey has shown the most lucrative ad valuable services used by local marketers, which are:

1. My business optimisation
2. On site optimisation
3. Reputation management
4. Citation management
5. Web design


Local marketers are most often using Google My Business optimisation as the service being offered to their clients. In fact, GMB optimisation is now being offered much more frequently than traditional marketing services.
Amongst GMB optimisation, other services being frequently offered by local marketers include SEO audits & analysis, On site optimisation and citation management.


SEO is still the most important for gaining clients

Despite it not being the most offered service available from marketers, the importance of SEO is still very real. Local marketers say that SEO is the most crucial tactic for gaining new clients. Methods such as content marketing and PPC are also very valuable paths to go down for attracting new clients also.


What is the most valuable tool for businesses?

Marketing metrics which are most valued by local businesses are Google rankings. In fact, this metric tool is valued more than attracting more customers or potential opportunities online. Other valued local marketing metrics used by businesses include New customers, new leads & enquiries and organic traffic.


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