Google introduces new feature in search results – important information

When you are conducting a Google search from here onwards you may notice something different and new appearing in the search results. Google has introduced a new feature called “about this result” and it is designed to give the users more information.

What is it?

As the name suggests, the feature gives a wider description of the search result before the user clicks on it. It is like a snippet description of what the link contains should the user decide to go ahead and click on it. Users will start to notice three dots in the top right corner of the individual search results – clicking these will reveal the ‘about this result’ feature.   

What is the reason behind introducing it?

Google has decided that users should have more control and information about the things they are searching and the results / sites that these searches produce. This feature will allow the user to find out more about the information contained within, so they can make a better judgement whether to trust the site and its contents (or not.) Google have also said that the idea behind this is to provide extra reassurance when visiting websites where important information may be vital – such as those to do with health or finance for example.  In addition to this, the feature will also show the following:

* Whether Wikipedia has any entry or content about the site.

* Whether the listing is paid.

* Whether the site is secure.

What if the information about the site is described incorrectly?

This is one of the problems and something which many people have voiced concerns over. The information disclosed for this feature will be the same for that which appears in the knowledge panel feature. As with the latter, Google is open to feedback about the information presented and it is thought that the same will apply for this new feature too.

However, what may be more important is the reference we have already mentioned to Wikipedia. The site information that is displayed for these ‘about this result’ feature is taken from Wikipedia. Google use this because it is a well known and trusted platform that is regularly edited and updated. If the information is incorrect then the first point of call would be to get it amended on Wikipedia as information is extracted from there. Therefore, if you find your website synopsis is displayed incorrectly, it can be handy to know the solution to remedy this quickly and this is one of the important pieces of information that people can take away from this update.

If this feature does become permanent and popular, those factors discussed in the ‘reasons for introducing’ paragraph – above, (i.e. having a secure site and a Wikipedia entry) may become even more important.

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