Google drone to deliver your parcels?

Nearly all of us would associate Google with the internet and searching, but just to prove the point that Google is so much more than about this, we are opening the door to see what else Google gets up to.

The title of this posting sounds like something out of a movie, yet in the age of constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and looking for new innovations, this could actually soon become a reality, or could it?

Currently there is a big competition between Amazon and Google to come up with the invention of seemingly dropping your deliveries from the sky, but Google’s ‘Project Wing’ has taken the next step in this quest. Google is trying to design and operate a drone that can fly across a 5 mile area in 5 minutes and experiments are currently being done to see if this is feasible. Infact this isn’t as novel of an idea as it sounds, since Google have already attempted prototype models with revisions and refinement happening along the way.

As recent news articles show, this is a very sensitive area, as there are lots of restrictions (legal and moral) placed on the operation of drones – how and where they can be used most importantly.

For Google there is as much risk as reward in a project of this nature. If they can pull this off and be the first major company to implement something so pioneering, then this can only seek to enhance the brand, the image and revenue further. However if restrictions of drones become even tighter and even more controversial, then would a brand as big as Google want to be associated with something like this?

The key question that needs to be answered here is simple – better the devil you know?

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