Google AdWords rolls out new structured snippet extensions

Google AdWords have added another new feature for customers to improve their service. The latest upgrade comes in the form of structured snippets that will allow customers more control over what shows up in their text ads. The snippets are designed to give users a quick overview of what your company has to offer.

These snippets are non-clickable, but should still do a good job of offering additional and useful information. They will help customers to know more quickly if the advertiser site is relevant to them, hopefully reducing irrelevant clicks, saving the customer time and the advertiser money.

As ad extensions contribute to your quality score, this gives further reason to add them to your adverts. You could help to increase your relevancy for multiple queries and subsequently bring down cost per click and raise your listing position.

Example of structured snippets


The new structured snippets can be added via the ad extensions tab
You then choose the “add structured snippet” option
You will then choose from a predefined list of topics, as shown in the image below

After you have selected the appropriate topic, you can then add eye catching keywords to allow your customers to see at a glance the types of service or product that you offer

Dynamic structured snippets were introduced earlier this year, but these were categories automatically pulled from the web, leaving users with little control.