Getting Your Staff On Board

The initial steps for implementing a successful SEO strategy for your business are critical. Good communication between all team members is required in order for everyone to be on the same page. 

Because SEO can have an impact on your site’s content, conversion rates, marketing campaigns, and design, it is critical that everyone in your company is aware of the changes that will be implemented before they happen. This prevents communication breakdowns, and important elements from being overlooked. 

Everyone has a different level of SEO knowledge. Whether they understand the basics or not, it is critical that you cater to your staff’s needs and spend time explaining how these changes will affect them individually, then as a department. 

Training for all relevant staff could go a long way, as no one wants to arrive at work on a Monday morning to find out their job responsibilities have changed without their input! 


The Content Team 

Because content is so important in SEO, it is critical to ensure that the content team is on board with the changes within their department. You might discover that your content writers know more about SEO than you think, and that they are already incorporating SEO strategies into their writing without even realising it! 

It is critical that your content writers understand that they do not have to change what they are writing as long as it is relevant; it is simply a matter of writing for an audience and optimising the content they have, while still providing an excellent user experience. 


The Web Team 

Because SEO necessitates page changes to your website, you will need to maintain direct contact with your developer and IT team. Unless creative control is given to your SEO Agency, your IT team will play a major role in optimising your site for the search engines. 

Because it will be your developer who implements the on-page changes to your site, they will need to understand why the changes are necessary, as well as how they can contribute towards the best possible outcome. 


The Marketing Team 

SEO is all about increasing brand, website, and product/service awareness for your online business. A strong relationship between your marketing team and your SEO agency is essential for your SEO strategy to ensure great communication and that no one steps on each other’s toes. 

It is common for your company’s marketing manager to serve as the primary point of contact between your company and your SEO agency, with all updates being discussed during internal meetings. 

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