Diversifying your digital marketing strategy

When it comes to digital marketing as a Digital marketing agency Birmingham, we know there are certain points where you may feel completely secure in your strategy. This is dangerous however, as it can lead to complacently in your own strategy, and this is when things start to regress, and fall apart.

This is a common problem, especially when marketing campaigns have been going well for an extended period of time. This can be especially true in PPC campaigns for example, which is why we offer a PPC management service. The ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ line springs to mind when dealing with these issues, so a digital marketing strategy needs consistent attention and monitoring to perform adequately through its stretch.

A solution for this issue is to be aware and active in taking interest in new and developing technologiesthat are relevant to the industry, and implementing them in your own strategy. Doing this will allow you to drive your innovation, exploration and refinement to your digital marketing strategy, and make it more reliable and robust going forward.


Using beacons and proximity marketing

Proximity marketing has been available to us since 2013, but has been developing and improving ever since. Technology such as Google beacons have allowed for more effective marketing strategies, with more common and practical marketing applications.

Proximity beacons are a kind of transmitter, which sends out signals over usually a relatively small area. These signals can be received by mobile phones and GPS, for marketing messages specific to their geolocation. This means that people using their devices in a specific location will get pin pointed as a target for relevant marketing messaging.

You can use proximity beacons for a range of uses, from guiding people through airports and shopping centres, to sending texts to returning customers with discounts and special offers when they are in a close proximity.


Implementing Chatbots

Chatbots are a great way to integrate your business with external platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. This allows your audience to reach you on their preferred social media platform or messaging app.

Chatbots allow your business to be available to enquiries 24/7, needless to say, this brings a very positive and customer focused image to your company. Chatbots allow your new and existing customers to better understand your business, brand and products more efficiently than ever before. This is achieved by allowing complicated enquiries being passed down to the customer service team to deal with.

In terms of financial benefits, chatbots are dramatically cheaper and more efficient than hiring an employee to fulfil the same job. This result is increasing efficiency, whilst saving you time and money which can be invested in other areas of your business.


Implementing user-led design

Designing your website with your customers trust in mind is very important,. so much so, that it has become the standard thing to do. Favicons, reviews and constant site activity all lead to a reputable website which potential customers will be more inclined to go to and stay on.

This can be implemented no matter the size or scale of your business. The result is creating a more accessible and positive user experience, which improves upon customer satisfaction and retention.

These are just some of the tactics to keep in mind when diversifying your digital marketing strategy. If you are looking for more information or are looking for SEO services for a small business in Birmingham looking for a digital marketing service, contact In Front Digital today.