Content Development Strategy & Management

Why Do I Need Content Management?

Engage your users

By creating relevant and engaging content with your target audience in mind, you can increase the time users spend on your pages and increase the perceived authority of your site. If your product or service is complex and there is not a lot of information out there around the topic, demonstrate your expertise by putting a content development strategy in place to become the ‘go to’ source of information in your industry.

Improve rankings

Rankings can be hard to achieve without high quality keyword rich content. As a digital and content management agency, we will perform full in depth keyword research in your sector to find opportunities for well sought after content and help you become relevant to more competitive searches.

Take the stress out of content development

Coming up with content ideas can be a lengthy process which takes time and research. By producing a clear content strategy plan and thinking ahead, you can ensure that there is always regular relevant content being published and developed for your site.

Add value to your pages

Site and blog content is crucial to increasing and maintaining rankings, if your site doesn’t have timely, quality content, then it is unlikely Google will deem your site a site where users would want to frequent.


Why Use In Front Digital for your Content Development Strategy

  • Google Partner - we adhere to Google's stringent best practices

  • Honest, friendly and realistic approach

  • In depth keyword research for optimum content success

  • Experienced in creating engaging content for link bait and social media

  • Cost effective packages to help you achieve results

  • Experienced in optimising websites for user experience and improved conversion rate

Content Management Development: The Process

Research & analysis

We start the process by performing in depth research and analysis into your industry sector to create a content development strategy specifically for your requirements and business goals. We will search for hot topics of conversation around your products/services to see how you can engage your target audience, encourage social shares and become an authoritative source of information.

Production of content development plan

We will then produce a content development plan in the form of a spreadsheet with in depth instructions such as brief, content title, recommended Meta data and keywords that should be mentioned within the body text so that it is optimised for users and search engines. Our content development service will provide you with 6 months’ worth of content suggestions to help populate your site with unique and original content.

Content management

Our content development service doesn’t stop there! Depending on your business requirements, you are free to write the content ideas yourself or we’ll write them for you on a monthly basis as part of an on-going content management service. With experience in writing, engaging and keyword rich content, we will produce content that will be of interest to your target audience and meet your goals, whether that be encouraging users to share on social media, or subscribing to a newsletter.

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