Can Social Media Marketing really Help Your Business?

In recent years, social media has taken the place of traditional communication channels, such as email, for consumers and businesses alike.
Beyond keeping up with the newest memes and celebrity rumors, social media can bring a number of advantages to businesses operating across a range of industries – It’s not a tool that should be overlooked.  

In this post, we’ll cover the primary benefits of using social media for business, explaining the reasons that you should be making the most of these platforms! 

Faster & More Efficient Customer Service 

The days of your customers calling a service line to get in touch for assistance, only to spend 30 minutes waiting on hold, are over.  
Social media can assist in cultivating more meaningful connections between your business and its target audience, allowing for a higher level of communication that is becoming commonplace is customer service today. By replying to any comments and inquiries that your followers may have, you can work to build a positive relationship with your customer base. This can increase the chances that they remember your company and buy from you again in the future.  

Organic Benefits 

Although Google has stated that likes, favourites, and shares on social media do not directly affect results, there does appear to be a link between social media popularity and higher rankings.   

While you might not receive SEO benefits in the form of backlinks, social media allows businesses to showcase their brand’s content and services to a broader target audience.  As they become familiar with your brand, users may opt to check out your website, increasing the likelihood that they complete a sale and become valuable customers in the future.  

Additionally, social media can help to lower your marketing expenses by enabling you to communicate and engage with a larger audience for little-to-no cost. 

Some platforms, such as Facebook, also offer paid advertising options, which allow businesses to boost their sales through advertising their goods and services across the platform. 

Someone looking at their google analytics account from their laptop. The graphs show an increase in traffic.

Get More Traffic 

Social platforms are not only a supplement to other channels –  they are excellent traffic generators all by themselves. Businesses are able to showcase the personality and identity of their brand via social media, as well as connect with their target audience in ways that they never could before. You may learn a lot about your customers’ needs and preferences by listening carefully to what they have to say.  

Because there is no guarantee that your website visitors will return to your site to find out what has changed or what new products are available, social media is a terrific way to spread the word.
This is also an excellent way to efficiently distribute the blog posts that you create for your business. By sharing your articles, and therefore your expertise, via social media, you may establish yourself as an authority in your subject, providing useful content that your customer base can benefit from. 

Overall, social media is a great tool that businesses can utilize in a variety of ways to help improve their operations. When used properly, social media marketing can boost your brand awareness, generate sales, provide better customer support, conduct market research, and lower marketing expenses. 

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