Bing Ads: another step forward in functionality

The interface of Bing Ads is constantly changing and the good news to report is that it is heading in the right direction. Back in the summer Bing Ads inserted a new tab called “automated rules.” This helped with the dealing of routine and scheduled tasks. Now a further enhancement has been added “notify me” and this continues to help with the user friendly nature of the programme.

Notify me does exactly what it says on the tin, a user will receive emails about the status and progression of their campaigns. To drill this down further, notifications can be sought regarding more or less any metric you may want to choose, and then options can be set for what threshold these notifications are triggered at.

The problem with the above is that changes in campaigns are likely to be happening all the time so there is a very real possibility that the owner will be inundated with stacks of emails every day. Bing Ads have already thought about this, and have designed the new feature so notifications can be set when the user decides (daily, weekly or just a one off.)

When the feature has been set up, all the hard work is done as the user gets an email with the criteria and statistics that are relevant at the time.

Of course there is always an option to change and vary this feature, and this can be selected within the main portal.

In summary it can be noticed that the effect of these ‘tweak changes’ are clear – a greater scope for the user to have control and influence over their ad campaigns with minimal fuss and hassle.

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