The areas of society Google is likely to dominate in 2021

As we end another year and think about embarking on a new one, it is the time to look forward and predict what might be ‘big’ in the coming year and where success, booming popularity and uptake may be.

2020 has been an obvious exceptional year. Even for big corporations and companies like Google, the Covid crisis has managed to clip the wings of these big players in terms of revenue and profitability. 2021 then you would think would be the year to double down, make up for lost opportunity and start to see the brighter times ahead. Therefore, what could 2021 look like?

  • Google will continue to plough its resources into protecting its Ad-revenue.

Did you know that a staggering 80% of Google’s revenues comes from ad-based advertising? Google will almost certainly take a keen further look at this in 2021, in an attempt to bolster its position. One example of this is the fact that Google are currently trying to look at making bigger font sizes in their paid search adverts and descriptions. The end aim to this is almost certainly a greater amount of sales revenue. Google is keen to promote its platform as the best and is constantly looking for new ways it can appeal to more audience, thereby improving its own status and position.

  • Google is likely to enter more parts of the world.

A clear sign that Google wants to explore other markets is its announcement of a recent investment in India to the value of $10 billion! Growth for a company includes expanding its base and offering to countries around the world. The India announcement already takes a step in this direction.

  • Google will launch into the education market.

Education has been a big talking point this year to the Covid pandemic. Many will remember the extensive amount of time that children could not be in school during 2020. Google has seen not only a chance to help with the continued disruption, but the chance to expand further too. In September (purposely perhaps for the start of the academic year) Google launched its Google Classroom platform to assist with online education. Google has also attempted to start making inroads into higher education with its “certification programme” a potential rival to a degree programme. 2021 is bound to see Google expand its footing in the education market further.

  • Google will drive forward its emergence into healthcare.

The other big topic of 2020 has obviously been health and Google has taken steps here during the year. Google currently has a cloud system to aid healthcare establishments with data of patients and how this can be used to benefit them. As the pandemic continues into 2021, and all the knock-on delays that the profession has suffered during this year, that will become increasingly important. Some see Google pushing further into the world of ‘virtual healthcare’ too.

  • Local search will continue to be as important as ever.

2020 already saw changes and adaptations in the local search market. Google made it easier for business owners to change their listings, aswell as helping owners with better access to more analytical data and providing map updates. We all know how important local businesses have been during 2020, and 2021 is likely to see Google want to continue with that, with further changes and new features which will revolutionise local search.

Come back in 12 months time and find out what has actually come to pass!

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On behalf of all the team, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, with best wishes for 2021!

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