Are Your Landing Pages Conversion Ready?

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You have your Adwords campaign set up and your ad text entices users to click through, now what? Many webmasters miss the most important step of making an online sale, your landing pages! If your landing pages are plain and have no call to actions, you aren’t encouraging people to convert which will make your PPC campaign perform badly.

Below are our five top tips to ensure that your landing pages are ready for conversions and don’t hinder your PPC performance:


How is your website looking these days? Is there a lot of white space and ads scattered around your site? If your website isn’t visually appealing to users, it’s likely they will go looking for a site that is. Consider revamping your site and giving it a new look by adding a colour scheme that you can follow throughout the site and add some imagery to add extra value to your content. Imagery such an infographics are great at keeping a user on page and are also very popular on social media.


A potential customer has a question and you hold the answer, your landing pages should problem solve and give the user the answer they are searching for. Your task from the second a user lands on your page is to tell them why they need your product/service and what you have to offer. For example, if a user was to search ‘what does SEO management involve?’ Our SEO Management landing page would answer their question and give them all the necessary details they would need to know. See screenshot below:



Speed is an important factor to potential customers and it is also a Google ranking signal, so if your landing pages don’t load in less than 3 seconds it is likely that the user will bounce and look elsewhere. Ensure that your site speed is up to scratch by checking your domain on Google’s Page Speed tool and implement the recommended changes.


As Google have recently announced their Mobile Algorithm, it has never been more important for your site to be mobile optimisation – especially now that you could get a site wide penalty for not being optimised! Mobile searches have recently outshined desktop searches in the UK so you could be missing out on a large percentage of your demographic is you don’t cater to their preferred device.

Call to Actions

Having an attractive, fast and mobile friendly website is not enough to drive sales! Although the above points are important factors of optimising your landing pages, if you have no call to actions on your page how are you encouraging the user to invest in your service? Don’t be modest, if you are doing something that your competitors aren’t – announce it! Is there a limited time sale on or a free download available? These call to actions will drive more sales and keep the user on the page longer. Simple call to actions such as ‘Buy now’, ‘Download’ and ‘Get a free quote’ can make a significant difference to how your landing pages perform.


Find out more information on landing page optimisation here or get in touch with the team at In Front for more details on how we can improve your PPC campaigns.

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