Google finally launch Adwords app globally

Google have finally launched their Adwords app globally for Android during the last week. This is a welcome addition to the Google app family and is long overdue. This will prove an invaluable tool for many users as it will allow quick access to their campaigns. Users will be able to view primary metrics in a summary dashboard and make tweaks to campaigns accordingly.


Here are a few quick facts about the app –

  • You will have to already have an Adwords account set up to access the app and its features. You cannot set up a new account from the app.
  • Provides a more simplistic view than the standard desktop Adwords, making it ideal for quick checking and updates to your campaigns
  • You can summon a Google expert directly from your app if you need one. This should make troubleshooting and problem solving quick and easy.
  • The app can provide real-time alerts which means you can easily keep up to date with the all important facts about your campaigns such as if the budget is running low.
  • Provides suggestions for performance improvement which you can quickly implement with the help of your app.

As soon as you open the app you will be met with an overview of clicks, costs and conversions. You can then customise your view if you want more in depth information or if you want to change aspects of the displayed information such as the date range.

For light users and anyone who just wants to make sure everything is running smoothly, the app will prove most useful. The data is displayed in a simplistic form and can be easier to digest than on desktop, allowing users to view the most important basic information. This may be a better way to manage campaigns for those who do not delve too deeply into all the options and settings of adwords and can prove a much easier tool to use.

This app is perfect for those who travel a lot or lead a busy life, but overall is likely to prove an invaluable tool for most.

Don’t worry Apple users! An IOS version is rumoured to be on the way.