Advertising on Facebook

With each passing day, Facebook is gaining more active users due to the volume of new content, updates and new features being added. Facebook stories alone have reached in excess of 500 million daily users, almost doubling figures from September 2018.

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has stated that messages, stories and groups on Facebook are by far the fastest growing areas in online communication. This of course begs the question, what opportunities are there on this site for advertising in the future.



Facebook jumped on the social media bandwagon, introducing stories to their platform on 28th of March 2017. This immediately piqued the interest of countless hopeful businesses and marketers as a new means to communicate their ideas and products to the public.

However, this proved to be so successful that it’s causing a decline in the average price per ad as they are sold at a lower price than feed ads, a result of Facebook actively encouraging marketers to take advantage of them.

This more temporary form of advertising coincides with the nature of marketers being somewhat behind the consumer in terms of advertising and buying. Using stories has provided a format of a more fast paced a relative content.


Messenger ads

A relatively new feature that Facebook has rolled out, messenger ads. This new platform of advertising helps you when competing against the countless other competitors with the same niche as you. How? They give us the opportunity to reach customers instantly, and because of this along with the fact that threads are being displayed on an instant messaging service, means a higher engagement rate, an increase in conversations and faster response rates.

Facebook is currently offering a range of different types of adverts on their site. These were created with marketers in mind to start a more personal interaction with messenger users to help drive sales up.


Destination adverts

Destination adverts are designed to show up in a user’s news feed, in a way that is less provoking or deterring than regular ads. This is due to the fact that instead of taking you to a landing page when clicked, or displaying a ‘shop now’ button, they now engage with customers without directly asking them to buy. This means that they now can promote their brand with scaring away potential customers, due to their less heavy handed marketing approach.


Sponsored messaging

Sponsored messaging is a great way to interact with new and existing buyers, as it is designed to achieve engagements of your post by finding the people that would be the most interested in your campaign, so your bounce rate would be significantly lower.


Home section advertising

Home section advertising appears directly on the home screen of Facebook messenger, meaning that your campaign will receive a high exposure rate, directed at a relevant target audience, for the lowest cost possible.



Facebook is innovating more ways to reach specific audiences in a cost effective way  each day, so we can expect to see a much more personal kind of interaction between marketers and consumers in the coming years, as personalizing your brand means that you’re are a much more favourable choice in the customers eyes.

They could also offer new platforms to engage with each other, and to advertise on which focuses on showing direct a relative content to the right target audiences. Facebooks sheer number of users means it is already a bustling online market place at the moment and with the expansion between Facebook and Instagram in recent years, the opportunities to advertise on Facebook are offering more potential by the day.


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