50% of Online Transactions Now Come from Mobile Devices

In 2016, mobile usage of the Internet overtook desktop usage with over 51% of traffic coming from mobile and tablet devices. Now in 2018, mobile has reached another impressive milestone that shines a light on the important role mobile has in online shopping.

Criteo’s 2018 Global Commerce Review for Q2 has revealed some analysis of 5,000 retailers to gain a better understanding of today’s shoppers’ preferences, behaviour and shopping activities.

The report, which you can read here, provides business owners with an insight into the role of optimising their websites for mobile usage and the benefit of creating your own mobile app as an avenue for sales

The most noticeable piece of data within this report is the percentage of transactions that come from mobile devices in different countries. Here are the mobile transaction percentages for 5 different countries across the world:

  • Latin American – 38% of transactions
  • North America – 39% of transactions
  • Europe – 44% of transactions
  • Middle East & Africa – 47% of transactions
  • Asia Pacific – 51% of transactions

The full report indicates the importance of mobile apps in today’s shopping scene and how conversion rates of mobile apps are 3x higher than an ecommerce website.

North America, for example, has the following conversion rates:

  • Mobile web – 6%
  • Desktop – 11%
  • Mobile app – 20%

So not only do mobile apps have a better conversion rate than a mobile version of a website, apps are also almost doubling the conversion rate of desktop. This is an important statistic for businesses who are still relying on desktop alone; times are changing and if you don’t move with the curve then you are going to fall behind.

In fact, retailers that provide their customers with a multi-channel shopping experience have found that mobile accounts for 65% of their total transactions!