removing low value pages

What Does Google Consider Low Quality Content?

If you keep up with SEO lingo, you will likely have heard ‘content is king’ more times than you can count, but it’s true. Content is a key factor that Google takes into account when defining the context of your pages and ultimately ranking them. Google has strict guidelines that webmasters and agencies like In […]

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article with headings

How To Use Header Tags For SEO

There are hundreds of ranking factors that will impact your SEO rankings and how Google defines the quality of your pages; when used together these elements form a solid SEO strategy. However, one technical element of page structure that is often overlooked or not understood to be important for SEO is header tags. Header tags […]

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how to fix adwords disapprovals

How To Fix A Disapproved AdWords Ad

Whether you’re a PPC pro or a newbie, it can be confusing when you’ve set up your ads and Google flags them as disapproved. What have you done wrong? Google is cracking down on poor quality ads and have been doing so for quite some time now, even diving into your paused ads to flag […]

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how to increase content usability

How Does Content Improve Website Usability?

Just like any business, yours has a purpose. You didn’t spend years building and creating a business just for it to sit there and exist, did you? Your business exists to provide a product, service or experience. Just like your website. Your website leads customers on a path towards your purpose with the aim to […]

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how to attract local customers

Get More Local Customers With These PPC Tips

The digital world allows us to reach people far and wide, but what happens when we want to target local customers? PPC can be costly with not a lot of return if done incorrectly, it’s very easy for Google to run away with your budget if you don’t know what you’re doing. In this article […]

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why outsource content

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Content

Outsourcing has many negative connotations, which frankly, are incorrect – especially when it comes to content. This is because there are such sites that offer extremely cheap deals such as 100 articles for £10, we shouldn’t need to tell you that these are going to be of the lowest quality. Outsourcing your content development has […]

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