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Why You Should Change Your SEO Keywords

Every successful SEO strategy is based on a solid set of keywords. The first step of strategy creation is keyword research and finding the best terms and phrases to optimise your website for to gain the most traffic and revenue. However, to stay competitive you must regularly review your SEO keywords. Adding in new keywords […]

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Signs Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working

Successful organic rankings are built on a solid SEO strategy and clear business goals. When your performance starts going awry and your strategy no longer seems up to scratch, it can feel like a waste of time and investment. It is important to remember that search engines and the algorithms they use to decide who […]

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The Benefits of PPC

In the digital age where visibility is key, the competition for the top spot in Google is fierce. What if we told you that you could appear at the top of the search results and instantly start gaining traffic the same day? Keep reading to find out why your business needs PPC and how it […]

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How To Get Your Website On Google

Online visibility is a crucial part of getting your business found and start making online sales. Once you have created a website, you need to take the right steps to get it listed in the Google search results otherwise potential customers won’t be able to find you! Whilst having a website does put things in […]

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How To Increase Website Engagement

A common problem we hear from prospective clients is that they’re getting the traffic (whether that be organic, social or another channel), but users aren’t engaging once they land on the website. What does engagement mean? Engagement is when a user lands on your website and they interact, there are many forms of interaction that […]

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Has Covid Changed How We Shop?

These unprecedented times have changed the face of retail and have limited how we can shop, so where and how we shop have had to change. With well-known brands sadly disappearing from the high street and many jobs being lost in the process, others are re-evaluating how and where to spend their hard-earned money. With […]

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