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What is Page Speed & How Can I Improve it?

On average, a user waits 3 seconds for a page to load before the wait time becomes too long and they decide to go back to the previous page or leave the site altogether, which may lead them into the hands of your competitor. Page speed is an important aspect for you to consider when […]

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Paris, France - October 19, 2017 : Wordpress homepage under a magnifying glass. WordPress is a free and open-source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL

What Is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO factors are features present on your website that can be seen to influence your ranking position within the organic search results. This involves your website’s technological setup, usability, and content, including blog posts, landing pages, and meta tags & descriptions – among other things. As these factors are known to impact your performance […]

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What is Mobile Optimisation & Why Do I Need Mobile SEO?

Billions of people now own a smartphone and they are constantly accessing the Internet for general information, social purposes and to buy goods etc. The increased usage of smartphones and tablets has made mobile optimisation and marketing a must for many online businesses. Therefore, if you own a website and you are wondering whether or […]

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How To Optimise Meta Descriptions For SEO

What is a Meta Description? A Meta description tag describes what a web page is about in more detail than the title tag. Meta descriptions are snippets of text that appear under your title tag in the SERPs for searches relevant to your topic. Meta descriptions should entice the user to click through to your […]

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What Are Internal Links & How Can They Improve SEO?

Internal links are links from one page on a domain to another on the same domain. In the past, webmasters spent a large amount of time gaining backlinks to their website in the hope of increasing their rankings purely by gaining somewhat low quality links as ‘votes’ for their site. However, it is often overlooked […]

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HTTP Status Codes For SEO: What Do They Mean?

Whenever a search engine or user makes a request to gain access to a web server, a HTTP response is returned. HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol and these statuses report the success of the requests. There are six main unique HTTP status codes, each containing three digits, which can be returned. The first digit […]

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