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Understanding Quality Score & How To Improve It

Understanding how Google ranks your PPC ads is the first step in mastering PPC and running effective PPC campaigns. Many webmasters wrongly believe that increasing your CPC bids across your campaigns will ensure a higher ad rank however this is not always the case. What is Quality Score? Quality Score is part of Google’s rating […]

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How To Create A Landing Page That Converts

Landing pages are crucial for both SEO and PPC, so if you find that your pages have a high CTR but a low conversion rate then it might be because your landing pages aren’t conversion friendly. In this article we are going to discuss how to create a great landing page for PPC that actually […]

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Why Your Rankings Have Dropped (And How To Get Them Back!)

Have you been checking your rankings lately and noticed that you’ve disappeared from the search results? Dropping in rankings can be stressful for any business, especially an online only business that relies on their website for leads – even a few hours out of the search results can result in big losses, financially and organically. […]

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Optimise Your Organic Listings & Improve Your Click Through Rate

If you rely on Organic as your primary channel of traffic and leads, it is crucial that your organic presence is being recognised and that you are enticing people to click through to your site. Your organic listing should not only include select keywords that are relevant to what your target audience would search for, […]

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SEO Content Writing Techniques

We all know that content is key, yet it’s surprising how many webmasters think it is unnecessary to invest time and resources into the creation of valuable content for their website. The evidence that high quality content is directly linked to good organic rankings is indisputable and this has been the case for the last […]

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Conversion Actions You Should Be Tracking

Implementing Google Analytics code on your site is a great way to start tracking and monitoring how users interact with your webpages, but it doesn’t stop there. Whilst standard Google Analytics implementation provides you with behind the scenes data, in order to actually track what actions your users are taking on your website you will […]

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