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Mobile SEO Mistakes You’re Making (and How To Fix Them!)

51.3% of all internet usage in 2016 came from mobile or tablet devices and this figure is predicted to continue to rise, it has never been more important for your website to perform correctly on mobile or you are missing out on a huge percentage of your audience. If you’ve dabbled in your Analytics and […]

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Local SEO: How To Attract More Local Customers

When it comes to gaining business online through your website, local SEO is a lot more complex than a standard SEO campaign. A business targeting the entirety of the UK will have a completely different SEO strategy to a local business targeting a specific region. With Google’s algorithms changing all the time, it’s important to […]

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How To Create A SEM Strategy That Works

A solid search engine marketing strategy that combines both SEO and PPC can be a game changer for your business. Without combining your SEO and PPC efforts to achieve a common goal you could potentially be wasting a lot of money and time! The relationship between SEO and PPC is an unbeatable one. For top […]

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What Does Google Home Mean For SEO?

Over the last decade, Google have been working on technologies to rival competitors and change technology as we know it. It started with the Self Driving Car and now with the release of Google Assistant and Google Home, Google are slowly introducing new technologies that will change our everyday lives – but are these changes […]

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Three Steps To Successful Google AdWords Ads

In the midst of the digital age, it has never been more important for users to be receptive to the message you are sending out in order to convert these users into sales and returning visitors. Depending on your AdWords reach and budget, your ads are likely serving hundreds or thousands of impressions per month. […]

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The SEO Benefits of Using WordPress

More times than not, if you aren’t actively optimising your website for SEO then your rankings will reflect this. If you are developing a new website, choosing the right CMS for your requirements is an important decision as if the content management system is too basic it won’t have the features you need to succeed […]

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