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Drive More Website Conversions in 3 Easy Steps

In life, if you don’t ask, you don’t get – and marketing is no different. This is an important lesson in not only life but business, too. If you don’t ask for help then you can’t expect for people to understand that you need it. The same goes for your website, how are users meant […]

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POZNAN, POL - DEC 11, 2019: Laptop computer displaying logo of Google Chrome, a cross-platform web browser developed by Google

How Do Search Engines Crawl Websites?

In order to successfully optimise your website, you firstly need to understand the process of how search engines crawl and index websites to appear in the search results. Understanding the core logic behind search engines will give you essential knowledge before you start optimisation work, saving you time but primarily preventing you from making potentially […]

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Auchi, Edo-Nigeria-June 12, 2021: black person using google to do a search

How Does Google Rank Websites?

The sole purpose of Google’s core algorithm is to provide answers to user’s questions. It’s that simple. This explains why Google shows snippets, carousels, paid ads and local map listings for specific results – to ensure that the user finds the most relevant answer to their question in as little clicks as possible. In order […]

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Small Businesses vs Big Brands: How Small Businesses Can Win at PPC

Competing against big brands as a small business can be difficult; these business giants are notorious for having dedicated in-house marketing teams with a large budget to play with. Due to this, many small to medium businesses wrongly assume that their PPC campaigns have no chance of succeeding due to the uneven playing field and […]

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3 Goals Your SEO Agency Should Fulfill

Whilst SEO continues to grow in popularity amongst small and medium businesses, many are still mystified as to what SEO is really meant to do for their website. This may be due to lack of understanding or negative experiences working with other agencies who don’t provide a full strategic plan of action. So, what are […]

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How To Manage Your PPC Budget

One of the most common questions we hear from our PPC clients is “how much budget should be assigned to my PPC campaigns?” When it comes to PPC advertising there is no one size fits all approach; industries and competition vary so much that we cannot possibly tell each client to assign the same budget […]

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