Why Your Business Needs SEO

why your business needs seo

Everyone keeps telling you how your business needs to invest in SEO, but noone is explaining why! Sick of the jargon and want cold hard facts on how SEO can benefit your business? Keep reading…

Increase Traffic

As the top organic search receive the majority of impressions and clicks, studies show that the first organic result receives 33% of all clicks and the second result receive 18%, so ranking in these highly visible positions can lead to significant increases in organic traffic to your website. Implementing SEO strategies will help you not only optimise your organic listing in the search results but will also make every page more relevant to the search queries your customers are searching for thus increasing the likelihood of customers clicking through to your website over your competitors.

Drive More Sales

Increasing your online visibility and organic traffic as a result of SEO will lead to an increase in sales/leads. The Internet has become a main gateway for customers to shop without having to visit a physical location, but how can the consumer find your website if you don’t have a presence? The higher in the search results you appear, with a fully optimised website for SEO and user experience, increasing your organic traffic will in turn result in more sales.

Dominate Your Sector

SEO can help you dominate the search results for industry terms so that when a customer searches for a product or service you offer; you will appear on the first page for each search. Increasing brand awareness through SEO will help you establish an industry presence and become a ‘go-to’ resource of information and products. If your competitors are ranking on the first page for your keywords then they are likely using SEO themselves, if you don’t compete then you will fall behind and lose business.

Great ROI

SEO is an investment, not a short term fix. No other marketing practise will provide such a great ROI. When done correctly, SEO can drive quality organic traffic to your website at a much more budget friendly rate than a paid search campaign which can run away with budget for little or no return. SEO isn’t for those looking for a short term fix and increased traffic for a short period of time, SEO is for those with a greater vision who wants to continue to increase traffic and leads for years to come.

Other marketing strategies such as cold calling may still be an effective tactic, but statistics show that leads from cold calling cost 61% more than leads gained through inbound tactics such as SEO.

“You simply can’t approach SEO with a short-term investment mentality. If you’re looking for a quick hold-and-flip, that isn’t SEO. If you want to know with some measure of statistical certainty what your ROI will be over the next quarter or year, that isn’t SEO. If on the other hand you’re willing to invest for the long-term, if you have a long-term vision and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to reach your end goal…that’s SEO.” – Sam McRoberts

Move With The Times

In the ever changing online world, it is imperative to move with the times and stay up to date with the latest changes. Google are constantly making changing to their algorithms and best practices; SEO techniques that were once effective could now be classed as black hat SEO techniques and may be doing your website more harm than good!

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