10 Reasons Why Every Business Should Blog


We’ve all heard that content is key for SEO, yet it is incredible how many businesses aren’t utilising blogging as an avenue for traffic and leads. Blogging is a great way to engage with current and potential customers by answering their questions and giving them the information they’re looking for.

If you’re wondering “Why does my business need a blog?” then keep reading for our top 10 reasons why your business should be blogging!

The Benefits of Blogging

  1. Content goes hand in hand with SEO

    Search engines such as Google love high quality, relevant and regular content. In order for your SEO campaign to be successful you should ideally have a content strategy in place to go hand in hand with your SEO efforts. If your site doesn’t have timely, quality content then it is unlikely Google will deem your site a site where users would want to visit frequently. Keyword rich content is also a main factor to improve rankings, without content how do you expect to be ranking for your chosen terms?

  1. No editorial or web design background required

    You know your stuff about your industry and the products/services you’re offering; you don’t necessarily need experience in content writing to be able to produce read-worthy content. Blogging has never been easier with the Internet providing us with unlimited factual resources and simplistic blogging platforms such as WordPress which makes the technical and design elements of blogging so much simpler.

  1. Have something to say

    Rather than sharing the same articles and news stories everyone else is sharing on social media, start a new conversation by writing a blog post on topics your customers would be interested in and likely to share! Not only should this boost your social engagement and following but you’ll also see the amount of social traffic your site receives increasing too.

  1. Give your company a voice

    It’s always good to put a face to a name, isn’t it? You’ve exchanged a few emails with a supplier, co-worker or client but it’s a lot easier to get your point across when you’re face to face. With everything moving online, this shouldn’t mean that communication with your customers should suffer. Whether you have someone in-house who could write blog posts on behalf of your company or you’re considering hiring an external content development agency, your blog posts should be fun and the author should create a persona especially for your brand so that the content is fun and interesting to read.

  1. Gain more traffic and leads

    We’ve mentioned that blog posts will help you gain more social traffic, but what about organic traffic? The best thing about blogging is that a blog post you write today will probably still be gaining your traffic years down the line as long as people are still searching for that topic! Yes the number of views will probably decline as time goes by, but even one visitor a month reading that article is one visitor that could turn into a lead or sale. Whilst search engines like new content, quality is always key.

  1. It’s fun!

    Blogging is necessary in order to meet your business goals, but it’s also incredibly fun! You decide what you want to write about; whether it’s a blog post on how to use Photoshop or a news article on what happened at the Christmas party – it can be as personal or professional as you deem right for your business. Have fun with it and love what you write, your readers will too.

  1. Stay ahead of competitors

    Whilst blogging is becoming increasingly more popular, it’s still not an incredibly common thing. Whether your competitors are blogging regularly or not at all, you need to stay ahead in order to compete! By doing a Google search for a product or service you offer, look at the top 5 competitors that rank – do they have a blog? If yes; it is updated regularly? Is the content relevant? Are customers commenting and engaging with the content? What could you do better? If no, developing a blog would give you a very good competitive advantage.

  1. Think of your audience

    As a business you will have a target demographic and ‘perfect customer’ profile, blogging is a great way to help remind yourself who you are writing for and why you are blogging for them. Creating a content strategy is all about your goals i.e. what is the purpose of the article? Is it of interest to your target audience? What do you want the customer to do once they’ve read the article? All these independent factors will change how you writing, what call to actions and images to include and many other essential elements.

  1. Cost efficient advertising

    Blogging for a few hours a week is a much more cost efficient advertising method than other options such as paid ads, banner ads and email marketing. Unless you’re an ecommerce website, you probably don’t have that many pages on your site which means every time you publish an article that is one more page that can show up in the search engine! This also reminds Google that your site is active and they should crawl your new pages.

  1. Learn more about your customers

    By implementing tracking on your blog this allows you to identify topics that are popular with your customers, any shares or comments that occur, how they found your blog post and where they go once they’ve read it. Once you know what types of content your audience like reading (i.e. text heavy articles, short/long articles, infographics, stats etc.) you know to write more of that!

New to the world of blogging and don’t know where to start? Don’t have time to write content yourself and want to hire a trusted content development agency? Use the contact form here to get in touch with our content team at In Front Digital to discuss how we can help!

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