Why Do People Believe SEO Myths?

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SEO has changed and evolved since webmasters were hiding keywords in white text and gaining any possible link going. Despite this, there are many old-school SEO myths that are still widely believed and are damaging the SEO success of brands.

But why are these myths still believed when they have been debunked? We debunked them years ago!


Misinformation spreads rapidly when it is repeated enough times. Even subtle mentions in forum posts, articles and podcasts can help people form the idea that the myth is fact. We have worked with clients who strongly believe in one course of action, when we know Google will see the tactic as black hat and potentially penalize the client website. Educating your team and clients on SEO myths will help keep you all on the same page and stop further spread of bad information.

Easy Answer

Often these myths are believed because they are the ‘easy’ answer to a business query and means putting in as little time/effort/budget as possible. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. These ‘free’ and ‘easy’ techniques can be catastrophic to an SEO campaign and take a lot of time to undo, some brands never recover.

Well Ranked = Correct?

There is a misconception that if an article ranks well in Google, then it must be true. Google doesn’t have time to fact check every webpage on the Internet, it is down to the reader to do their own research. Even the most convincing article with ‘expert’ backed facts and figures should be taken at face value.

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