Top 5 PPC Myths That Just Aren’t True


Myth 1

“If I rank via PPC for my primary term I won’t rank organically, Google won’t show me twice for the same search!”

Myth solved: PPC ads have no impact on your SEO rankings, positively or negatively. If your organic listing and PPC ad are both seen as relevant to a search query, then both will be displayed! Google wants the search results, especially the first page, to consist of the most relevant information for each search query so whether the results are from the same domain is irrelevant. It is common to see two search results from the same domain organically, Google is looking for quality – the rest is irrelevant.

Myth 2

“PPC is too expensive for my marketing budget and isn’t worth it”

Myth solved: Yes, PPC can be expensive – but only if you let it! Most paid advertising platforms, including Google AdWords, have the functionality to allow you to set your maximum daily and monthly budgets. Once your budget is set, you will be unable to overspend unless you change your budget! You have total control over how much you spend and how you spend it, your ads will show until your budget is depleted and then your ads won’t show until the next day or the next time you add funds to your account.

Myth 3

“A lot of time and effort was put into setting up my PPC campaigns, they should run themselves now”

Myth solved: PPC setup is only the beginning; assigning a budget to your campaign then letting it run on its own is bad practise and is guaranteed to cause a lot of wasted budget that otherwise could have been spent well and resulted in conversions. PPC campaigns MUST be managed, whether by yourself or by a professional PPC agency. The best way to get the most out of your PPC campaigns is to run experiments and be constantly tweaking to see what works best for the least amount of money. Monitoring of keywords, ad performance, search terms and much more is essential to maximum performance! PPC can lead to a great ROI if set up and managed correctly.

Myth 4

“No one clicks on PPC ads so it’s a waste of money”

Myth solved: Studies show that between 45-55% of online users can’t differentiate between PPC and organic listings in the search results, so this statement is untrue. Now that Google has made changes in the search results so that paid search results are green instead of yellow as they were previously, it is getting more and more difficult to differentiate between paid listings and organic listings.

Myth 5

“PPC won’t give me the immediate results I’m looking for”

Myth solved: This statement is absolutely false.  On the contrary, PPC can begin showing results immediately if you have written compelling ads and are outbidding competitors. If people are interested in what you are offering, they will click through.

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