Must Have Elements of a Successful Retail SEO Strategy


In an ever-increasingly competitive retail market, having a failproof SEO strategy is key to getting ahead of competitors and landing those all-important sales. Our SEO experts have compiled their must-have elements for retailers, giving you a clear guide on where to focus your SEO efforts for the greatest return.

Keyword Research

No matter what sector you are in, keyword research is still the backbone that holds together a successful SEO strategy. The keywords you select for your campaign not only give you an insight into what customers are searching for and how, they also help you optimise your content with relevant terms to increase your rankings for relevant searches.

Local SEO

If you are a large retailer with multiple stores across the country, accurate local search is essential. By claiming local listings and fully optimising your Google My Business profiles, your business can appear at the top of local searches and influence shoppers to buy from you instead of a competitor. Google My Business also gives you a platform to share updates, offers and news with your customers. Personalise your brand by adding photos of your stores, staff and products to make your brand more approachable. Regularly monitor your GMB profiles and ensures that any questions are answered and reviews are replied to (good or bad!).


It is a common problem that brands focus all their attention on homepage and category content, resulting in product page content lacking. Once a user is on your product page, it’s your job to close the deal and give the customer all the information they could possibly need to decide to purchase your product. Provide more information than the default product description and dimensions, use this opportunity to answer any questions customers may have. Use the People Also Ask Google rich snippet feature to identify questions customers are asking and ensure your content provides the answers.


During the research process, the images you provide of your products will ultimately help customers decide whether or not to purchase. Ensure you include images from all angles, perhaps even staging your products in different scenarios to showcase how they can be used. Use this opportunity to optimise your file names and alt tags.

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