8 Ways To Increase Online Sales

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As an eCommerce business, driving online sales through your website should be your number one priority. A good quality website can be quite the investment, so make sure you’re getting the most out of it by implementing these 10 things to increase online sales!

Spend time on your sales copy

Potential customers aren’t solely basing their decision to buy your product on the images, the copy you write to go alongside your products is crucial. Your sales copy should include the details you would want to know before purchasing, such as sizing, features and benefits. Ensure your copy is clear and concise as well as being honest, making false claims will only damage your credibility.

Optimise for search

Whilst working on your sales copy, make sure that you’re optimising your content and website as a whole for SEO. By including keywords your customers are searching for within your content, this shows search engines that you are relevant to show for them searches. Use keywords sparingly and only when they make sense to do so, so that your content reads well and doesn’t come across spammy.

Make the most of Google Ads

If you sell products or services online, it’s likely you are running Google Ads. You may have great ad text, but make sure that you’re utilising all the relevant ad extensions to expand your ad and provide more information to potential customers. Not only will ad extensions increase the CTR of your ads, it will make your ad stand out from your competitors.

Showcase your testimonials

The best vote of confidence for your brand is testimonials and case studies from real customers, it is general practice nowadays for users to look up reviews of your business before purchasing. If you have had positive feedback on a product or service you provide, showcase these on your homepage and product pages.

Focus your landing pages

If a potential customer has made it to a product page, the only action you want them to take at this point is to purchase. Remove any distractions or deterring call to actions that may take the user away from completing a purchase. Downloads and newsletter sign ups have no place on a product page, unless the download contains product specs and provides supporting content.

Make buying easy

Accepting debit and credit cards may not always be enough. Customers often want to check out as fast as possible, so consider offering additional options such as PayPal, ApplePay and Google Wallet. This may require you to have a more sophisticated checkout process, but doing so will be worth having the increased functionality for customers.

Use high resolution images

The images you show of your product are important, they can either influence users to buy or deter them. Make sure to never use stock photos and ensure the images you use are representative of the product you’re selling. Ensure your images are well lit, good quality and show different angles of the product so that customers are 100% sure of what they are paying for.

Go mobile

People shop on the go on their mobile for all types of products, inexpensive and investment items. Ensure your website is mobile optimised and all features work correctly so that you aren’t losing customers due to poor experience.

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