How To Get The Most From Your SEO Agency


Investing time and budget into an SEO agency can be a big step forward for your business. SEO isn’t an immediate fix and it oftentimes can take a few weeks for changes to be recognised by Google, so time is at the essence during the set-up process.

Once you have signed the contract with your SEO agency, there are things that you as a client can do to ensure your marketing team have all the information and account access they need to boost your organic reach to the fullest!

Account Access

In order to get a full picture of how your website is performing across all channels, your SEO expert will need access to the following tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Google Search Console
  • Website CMS log in
  • Blog CMS log in

You may feel reluctant to hand over access to your accounts, however, the data that can be found in these accounts can help towards creating an SEO strategy tailored specifically for you. The first step in figuring out the best step forward is for us to see what you’re doing now, why it isn’t working and what (if anything) is working well so we protect any good results you already have. Granting website access is also good practice to prevent any delays in implementing strategy whilst waiting for log in details!

What Are Your Business Goals?

As a business owner you will (or should have) clear business goals and a vision of what you want to achieve, this should be no different with your SEO. You can help your SEO agency by having a clear vision of what you would like to achieve with your SEO strategy and any areas you would like to focus on. Clear, realistic goals are at the core of SEO.

An unrealistic goal: I want to rank at position 1 for all my keywords but I don’t want to change any of the content on my website

A clear, open-minded goal: I want to increase my organic visibility and the amount of phone enquiries we receive through our website. I understand my website isn’t fully optimised for SEO and I’m happy to consider content and design changes to enhance my SEO performance, as long as they are in line with my business plan and branding. I understand that SEO isn’t an overnight fix and am happy to consider a small Google Ads campaign to boost enquiries and traffic alongside my SEO campaign if budget allows.

What Actions Are Valuable On Your Website?

Your SEO strategy will depend based on what actions you want users to take when they land on your website. Examples of valuable conversion actions you may want to track:

  • Phone calls
  • Form enquiry
  • Checkouts
  • Email enquiry
  • Social media click
  • Whitepaper download
  • Newsletter sign up

Once you have outlined which actions are important and you would like to monitor, your team will be able to set up tracking so that you can see a breakdown of each action and how many conversions are reported.

Who Are Your Main Competitors?

No one knows your business like you do. By providing a list of your competitors, you give your team a starting point to see who is ranking highly for the terms you want to be ranking for. In most cases, your SEO team may identify businesses that you may not have even heard of but are ranking much higher than your chosen competitors.

By understanding who you deem your competitors, your SEO agency can use these as a benchmark if they rank higher than you or enlighten you to the businesses who actually are your online competitors.

Old Agency Documents

If your new SEO agency asks to see old reports, documents or research, this can feel like you’re cheating on your old agency. However, it is important to remember that if you have moved on to a new agency then there will be a reason why you left your old one.

By providing your team these important documents, it will give them an insight into what has been done, what hasn’t been done and (unfortunately in some cases) any damage that may have been done.

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