How To Boost Website Traffic


Struggling to get new potential customers to your website? Here are our best tips for boosting website traffic.

Optimise For SEO

Customers won’t be able to find your website if you aren’t mentioning the words and phrases they are searching for. Don’t be vague about what your business offers, ensure all priority pages (such as the homepage and service category pages) are optimised with relevant keywords that your ideal customer would search for to find you. Well optimised pages will rank higher in the Google search results and therefore lead to more organic traffic.

As well as optimising with keywords, you need to make sure that your on-page SEO is in order. There are many moving parts in a successful SEO strategy, including the technical behind the scenes set up and meta data.

Social Media

Social media platforms are thriving and have become one of the main avenues that younger audiences discover new businesses. Share a variety of different social media posts to appeal to all audiences. Don’t just stick to the hard sell approach, get involved in current trends and show your brand persona. Social media is a fast-paced environment so experimenting with different posts, different posting times and different imagery will help you appeal to your audience better over time. Ensure most, if not all, of your posts include a link back to your website.

Guest Posts

One way to boost website traffic from customers with a keen interest in what you have to offer is to write a guest post for a relevant, prominent website in your field. Not only will this exposure on a highly reputable website be good for your reputation, a link back to your website will help boost your SEO as well as attracting new customers. Ensure you only guest post on high quality, relevant websites. For example, a business selling flower seeds would find success guest posting on the RHS website as they are highly authoritative and relevant.

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