Common Misconceptions of SEO


In the digital world, SEO is always a hot topic. Whether a new algorithm is released or yet another “Is SEO dead?” article is published, many webmasters are unable to separate the truth from fiction when it comes to the truth about the role SEO plays in online domination.

Learning and understanding SEO can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

Keep reading to find out the truth about the 3 most common misconceptions of SEO!

Keywords = Rankings

Whilst keywords are an essential part of any SEO campaign, they are not the only factor that matters and a page full of keywords does not equal first page rankings. With the release of the Google Hummingbird algorithm, Google can understand the context of searches including location and past behaviour to get a better understanding of what search result should show to each user, so whilst keywords should occur naturally throughout the content of your pages, the focus should be on the quality of your content as Google favours high quality content.

The More Links The Better

Links and keywords are equally as important as each other but again; links are not a one way ticket to success.

Link building is often frowned upon due to the fact that many webmasters and black hat SEO’s use link building to gain hundreds of spammy links in order to ‘boost rankings’ which is completely false and a guaranteed way for your to lose your rankings or get slapped with a penalty. Whilst gaining citation links for your local SEO and collaborating with other webmasters are good ways of gaining links, the best way to guarantee links is to write good content that is interesting enough to be shared.

Guest Blogging Is Dead

Since the beginning of time webmasters have used guest blogging to gain links back to their site and it remains to be a valuable technique, if done correctly. Guest blogging can be frowned upon because you will always get webmasters with malicious intent who will write a guest post for an irrelevant site that is stuffed with keywords and links – this method of guest blogging is dead. If you genuinely have an article idea that you are passionate about and want to share with a trustworthy site to get in front of your community and build relationships (as well as gain a link), there is nothing wrong with this at all. Don’t write off guest blogging completely; it is still a great way to drive traffic, links and authority into your site!

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