Benefits of PPC

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PPC advertising can be a very successful method of advertising your business and can give you immediate results. Paid ad campaigns are often used in place of or as well as SEO, which takes a longer time to reap results.

We recommend a combined SEO and PPC strategy as it is the most effective way of getting immediate results from the paid ads and long-term more cost-effective results from SEO.

There are so many benefits of PPC, here are the main ones:

Instant Traffic

Unlike SEO where top rankings take time, PPC enables you to get top spot every time as long as your ads are high quality and you are willing to pay for it. As soon as you set your ad campaign LIVE, your ads will appear in the search results, ready for customers to click and convert.

Gain Quality Leads

PPC ads appear to users who are looking to buy and are actively searching for a business just like yours, right now! Unlike other advertising methods where there is a wait time between first discovering your brand and contact, users who have seen or clicked on your ad are ready to contact you immediately.

Only Pay For Clicks

Depending on how your campaigns are set up, we recommend CPC (cost per click) advertising so you only pay for clicks on your ads. You can set strict budgets so you only pay what you want to pay. Google will give you a forecast of what amounts of click and conversions that predict different budgets will give you.

Improve Your SEO

Whilst PPC doesn’t in any way influence your SEO rankings, you can gain some valuable information from running PPC ads which can help further optimise your SEO campaign. Google gives you a full overview of what keywords your ads are appearing for, what keywords led to clicks and what keywords led to sales.

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