Googles attempt at business psychology?


In this post, we look at the role of teamwork based on a study Google has undertaken. Some quite interesting things are there to be discovered and who knows, you might possibly pick up some tips for your own business?

This report comes following a two year study by Google into the impact of how the effect of working in a team has in a business organisation. It has studied a big numbers of its own teams in the making of this report, and if you are fully interested in this area then please see the full digest at

The main factors Google cites as important are the following – here we will try and explain them a bit more.

1) Psychological safety – can people within the team feel open with one another and step outside their comfort zone without fear?

2) Dependability – are tasks done with full dedication? I.e. In the best productive time, to the highest grade possible?

3) Structure and clarity – does everyone have an aim and purpose? Do team members know why they are employed and what they are doing?

4) Meaning – are team members interested and passionate about their jobs / roles?

5) Impact – does the impact of workers efforts have a positive effect on the business moving forward, and are team members aware of this?

From the report it was discovered that for each of those factors, the point at number one (psychological safety) was the most important. Infact the results of this found some quite interesting things. Workers who feel ‘psychology safe’ are more likely to stay working with a company for longer, help the business improve its sales / turnover and have good relationships with their colleagues.

Do you agree with all this? The conclusion seems that it is just as important to have a personality (and so be able to relate to others) aswell as a brain, to get on in and help grow a business.

As Google is such a powerful force in the market, will these principles and concepts catch on? What we would like to know is at what point Google decided to become psychologists?!

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