Getting Your Staff On Board With SEO

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The first steps of implementing SEO into a business are the most crucial, they require communication between all people involved so no one is left behind and no one person is more well informed than another. As search engine optimisation touches the content, conversion, marketing and design of your site it is essential that everyone within your business is aware of the changes that are going to be put into place before they are put into place. This prevents breakdowns in communication and elements being neglected.

Everyone has their own level of knowledge regarding SEO. Whether they know the basics or they know nothing at all, it is important that you cater to the needs of your staff and spend the time explaining how these changes are going to affect them individually, then as a department. Providing training or an informative meeting for all relevant staff could go a long way as no-one wants to start work on a Monday morning to find out their job responsibilities have changed without them being involved in the decision process!

The Content Team

Content plays a huge part in SEO, so ensuring that the content team is on board with the changes within their department is essential. You may actually find that your content writers know more about SEO than you think and that they already use SEO strategies within their writing without being aware of it! It is important that your content writers know that they don’t have to necessarily change what they are writing, as long as it is relevant; it is a matter of writing for an audience and optimising the content they have whilst still delivering a good user experience.

The Web Team

As SEO requires on page changes to your site to be made, your SEO agency needs to be in direct contact with your developer and your IT team. Your IT team play a main role in optimising your site for search engines; unless the creative control is given to your SEO agency, it will be your developer that implements the on page changes to your site so they will need to know a great deal about why the changes are necessary and how they can play their part in reaching the optimum outcome.

The Marketing Team

Your marketing team want to boost awareness of your brand, website and products/services which is what SEO is all about. Having a strong relationship between your marketing team and your SEO agency is a vital part of your SEO strategy so no one steps on each other’s toes. Its complimentary and can work well when in harmony. It is common that the marketing manager within your business becomes the main point of contact between your company and the SEO agency, with all updates being discussed during internal meetings.

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