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In Front are relocating!

  In Front Digital have been located in Northfield for some time now. Due to recent expansion we have decided to move home and can now be found at a new location. We felt it was time for a change and have already relocated closer to Birmingham City center. Our new offices are located on […]

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Google moves away from ranking webpages based on links.

Here’s why it pays really does pay to be factual… The traditional ranking methods which google favour may be changing and it is important that businesses are aware of this new development so they can prepare for it and more importantly take action to ensure their site is not harmed through this channel. The change comes […]

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A Guide To The Panda Update

A Guide To The Panda Update The second in our Google algorithm series is the Panda update. Whilst the Penguin algorithm penalized sites with spammy backlinks and poor SEO techniques, the Panda update penalizes sites with poor content and rewards sites the produce high quality and relevant content! The Panda update caused a lot of […]

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SEO tips that can get quick results for Solicitors and Accountants.

This article can apply to any business as the principles are the same, but we are basing this on professional organisations such as solicitors and accountants. To those commercial companies who have not heard of the term SEO, don’t worry since you are probably not alone. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is a […]

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A Guide To The Penguin Update

Over its time, Google has released many necessary algorithm updates. These updates help the user find the most relevant content about what they are searching for and ensuring that the most relevant and high quality appear at the top of the search rankings. The first in our Google Algorithm series will be Google Penguin. Google […]

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Why you should test an SEO firm before hiring, and what to look out for.

Once you are determined you want SEO services, the next step can be quite tricky and that is picking a firm that is good, delivers results and is transparent with you. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to ask around, get word of mouth referrals. If you can’t then due diligence is […]

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