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The relationship between…Social and SEO

In a previous article we have considered the relationship between page speed and ranking. In this post we will look at another two variables and assess how they impact one another. It tends to be thought that social media presence (e.g. Facebook likes, or sharing content) does not have a direct bearing and effect on SEO. […]

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Range of new top level domains available now

Unfortunately, finding a suitable new domain for many people has become increasingly difficult. With some companies just holding domains and asking ridiculous prices and with so many already being taken, options have been limited and often costly. This has meant it is hard for companies to find a domain that suits their brand and product […]

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The power of the mobile

Continuing our series of posts around mobiles, we now consider the report which suggests that mobiles have exceeded desktops as the single source of access to the internet. The research was published by ComScore (see: http://www.comscore.com/Insights/Blog/Number-of-Mobile-Only-Internet-Users-Now-Exceeds-Desktop-Only-in-the-U.S) It is important to note the following: 1) This report applies to the USA only. 2) The research only […]

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Is there still a relationship between page speed and ranking?

With all the recent changes occurring within Google, there are plenty of other questions flying through the air. One of these is the effect page speed may or may not have on site ranking positions. Traditionally it has always been viewed that Google would lower results of very slow loading websites over favouring sites that […]

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Effective PPC Tactics To Increase Phone Call Conversions

With mobile becoming increasingly important to your online strategy, it’s surprising how many webmasters overlook the power of a phone call whilst trying to reach their target audience digitally through PPC. With so many people actively converting online, it is easy to assume that each user prefers to convert that way. However, by assuming this […]

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New Google webmasters report finally released

Google announced in January that they were seeking testers for a new report in Google Webmaster Tools. The report was later named as the Search impact report. The testers eventually went on to start their testing duties in February to provide Google with feedback and bug testing. In April a new set of webmasters were […]

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