Googles paid news link ‘discrimination’

Rather surprisingly when it comes to news reporting, free and paid content is treated differently by the ranking programmes. Paid content doesn’t tend to get the same level of ‘audience’ as free content. What’s the problem?  A lot of Google’s argument for this is down to something called the ‘pay wall’ – i.e. the point […]

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A guide to recent Bing Ads updates

Bing search has increased its market share in recent years to 20% of the market. The share from Bing 6 years ago was just 6%. Recent changes will continue to help the growth of Bing ads, ensuring they’re offering a solid service. Some of the newer features on offer from Bing include an iOS app […]

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Wordpress homepage under a magnifying glass. WordPress is a free and open-source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL

5 Ways to Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

Although WordPress is an excellent CMS system, over the years it has become apparent that there are vulnerabilities that can be exploited. As a webmaster, you need to have a proactive attitude to tackle any security risks head on and prevent any serious damage to your website and brand sentiment. It is easy to get […]

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Webmaster Tools gets a new name

The latest news to surface the SEO world is that webmaster tools is now going to be called “search console.” This change will happen gradually with full effect being noticeable in a few weeks. Google’s rationale behind changing the name is actually quite clever. They are conscious of what connotations can be associated with a […]

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Top 5 Ad Extensions You Should Be Using

Paid search (PPC) is a significant driver of traffic when paired with SEO and should be utilised to it’s full potential so that you can reap the full advantages of your Google ads. Creating and maintaining a brand is a large part of marketing and online presence, so it’s surprising how many people forget to […]

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New buy button to be added to Google search results

Google will be adding buy now buttons to search results so you do not even have to go onto a vendors website to buy an item. This could potentially mean that you can very quickly and easily make a purchase without doing very much at all. Some websites are not happy with this idea as […]

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