Magnifying glass and many words over black background, with the text SEO (Search Engine Optimization) written with golden letters. Internet marketing and web analytics concept. 3D illustration

Is SEO given much thought?

A study has recently been conducted which from a marketing perspective shows some quite interesting results. Most people are aware of SEO these days and the need to have websites properly optimised. This in turn helps with rankings and leads to a better chance of becoming ‘found’ by the target audience. The study referred to […]

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Data privacy and analitycs tracked by seo and ppc agency

New Google feature to allow users to add food images to maps

For all those people who love photographing their food or drink when they go out, Google are offering a new and useful place for you to post your images. Most people will currently post images on social media, sometimes with a “check in” to where they are at. Google are testing a new feature which […]

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Search engine features – which matter?

Across the internet you will see umpteen posts about ways to improve search engine results, and which of these matter the most. There is also likely to be a degree of discrepancy, since whilst some of it is down to opinion or personal experience, some of it is widely regarded or accepted by all. Every […]

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Auchi, Edo-Nigeria-June 12, 2021: black person using google to do a search

Google plus gets a minus with log in alterations

Google has decided to scale back its social network by altering the way users log in. The biggest and most noticeable thing about this change concerns the functionality in You Tube. Google has released a statement saying that to post comments on sites such as You Tube people will no longer need to register to […]

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POZNAN, POL - DEC 11, 2019: Laptop computer displaying logo of Google Chrome, a cross-platform web browser developed by Google

Google helps you decide which product to buy – possibly

We all know the importance of the concept of word of mouth and reviews. As people we are far more likely to be swayed by a recommendation or something positive rather than a lack of any endorsement. Have you noticed that Google tries to do this? This is not done all the time for absolutely […]

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Krynica-Zdroj, Poland - July 11, 2017: Businessman using Google Analytics in the office on the touch screen of his laptop. Google Analytics is the most famous application for advanced web traffic analysis in the world

An update about the update. Google Panda 4.2

If you read our blog posts regularly, you will be aware of our recent posting about Google Panda 4.2. Now that a few weeks have passed we are in a position to be able to assess what is happening with it. The first thing to note is the confirmation of the very slow process for […]

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