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SEO Management (monthly)

Why does my business need SEO Management?

SEO is constantly changing

There are a lot of factors and fundamentals that change frequently and this means that SEO should not be undertaken unless your are experienced and have working knowledge. For instance overhauling site architecture, carrying out in-depth keyword research, suggesting how to optimise new and existing content and link building strategies are highly technical and if carried out incorrectly could lead to issues . This is why many businesses decide to hire an SEO agency to manage their SEO projects.

Dedicated account manager

Having a Google certified expert to talk to certainly helps if you have any questions relating to the campaign or SEO in general. All SEO management clients at In Front Digital are assigned a dedicated account manager who can provide ongoing support, answer any queries and continually ensure that your goals are being met and surpassed. We will continually suggest and review the KPIs of the project in order to ensure the website is optimised and to help increase traffic and enquiries/sales to your site.

Stay ahead of competitors

The process of search engine optimisation allows businesses and their websites to have the chance to get onto the first page of search results without having to pay advertising costs to Google, Bing and other Ad suppliers.


Reasons to engage In Front Digital for SEO Monthly Management

  • Google Partner - we adhere to Google's stringent best practices

  • Free SEO Appraisal - Get analysis on markets, competitors and find out how to compete

  • We look at 'low hanging fruit' to help identify short term wins to help you get a strong return

  • In-depth KPI reporting so you know what we are doing and what impact your SEO is having

  • Our SEO experts are honest and realistic with what can be achieved. We estimate your likely return before we begin

  • We focus on all the SEO factors, not just links and we do not neglect on page or content development, its crucial for long tail success!

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SEO Management: The Process

Keyword Research & Analysis

We work with you to understand your business goals and understand your audience. We do this through a series of meetings, questionnaires and calls in order to understand correctly who you should be targeting. Once we know this we collate and compile in-depth keyword research in order to select relevant project keyphrases.

KPI Monthly Reporting

We work with you to define your current KPIs and work back over 6-12 months data to build up a picture of your site’s  benchmark performance. If you do not have any conversion points then we will work with you to get these set up. You can then use this as a basis to compare site success after site optimisation or ongoing management work.

Advanced Technical SEO Audit

Compilation of a technical audit of your website (typically – 50-80 pages) which highlights core elements that need to be unlocked in order to improve the ranking potential of your website. Areas covered include, site speed, duplicate content checks, image alt tags, web architecture, robots.txt and many more.

Content Optimisation

Compilation of a list of how to optimise your current webpages around your  target keyphrases. Areas covered include URLs, title tags, meta description tags, heading tags and content. We will help to implement these if your CMS allows.

Link Building Strategies

Google views a link to your website as a ‘vote’ to it. In other words, the more votes you have the better your chances of ranking success. We will work with you to source, analyse, and build strategies to get high-quality links into your site as part of your management.

Content Development

We can help you to create fresh, relevant content that adds value and supports your existing keyword efforts. Without fresh expert content you cannot show your true worth to potential customers. We can even help you write the content.

Social media strategies

We help to setup, grow and improve your social media presence by suggesting strategies and giving training that can help you to grow your followers, improve your post engagement and generate greater brand awareness. Brands with a good social presence are rewarded with improved search engine visibility and rankings.

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